Our student


They achieve the highest results. National and international standardized tests provide a clear and accurate reflection of the school’s performance. From here comes our interest in the results of aptitude tests, GAT, and SAT, which will improve the chances of our students enrolling in the best universities and majors. We work to implement special programs for GAT test  training on a sustainable basis during the academic year, which enables students to obtain advanced levels throughout the Kingdom.

We are also keen to participate in international tests such as the MAP test for the American section, and formative tests for the general section with the aim of...

Monitoring the performance and comparing the student to his peers around the world, drawing up improvement plans and following up on the progress individually for each student.

Photos of our achievements



They enjoy the types of sports that the school offers, as each student finds something that suits his interests and meets his needs.

The school provides training in physical fitness skills, gymnastics, basketball, football, handball, tennis, and some self-defense sports.

The school holds various internal sports competitions and festivals, and we are also interested in participating in external leagues, where our students annually achieve many awards and positions at the local and national levels, and we seek to achieve global results soon by God's  willing



High school and middle school students participate in TEDX ALanjal, MUN annually and Debates in Arabic and English develop research and critical thinking, enhance global awareness, deepen their understanding of global issues, contribute to developing leadership and collaboration capabilities, and provide valuable opportunities for networking and meeting new people from all over the world. Different backgrounds, this contributes to their personal and social growth and expands their network of relationships.


Able to program, analyze data and challenge artificial intelligence to become innovative leaders in the knowledge era.

Through curricula that are based on international standards and enable students to master programming languages, and participate in international competitions for robotics, programming, and artificial intelligence, which develop their skills and raise their level of readiness for the digital future


They turn challenges into opportunities for personal and societal development and growth.

They deal with humanity and give others the opportunity to see life in a more beautiful way

We cultivate within them the traits of empathy, giving, and thinking about others.

We rely on volunteering to develop many skills among our students, such as cooperation and responsibility skills, and to support a good psychological state by integrating them into volunteer work inside and outside school.

 Volunteer Medal

It is a program to instill and enhance the values ​​of volunteer work inside and outside the school by providing volunteer opportunities for students inside and outside the school with the aim of encouraging volunteer participation.


Music and art

 Learning music and art contributes to developing the individual's creative and expressive abilities, and also enhances the aesthetic sense and critical thinking. Learning music helps develop sensory and motor skills, and contributes to developing focus and mental discipline. Through music and art, individuals learn to cooperate, communicate, and express themselves. Musical and artistic learning also enhances the ability to understand and appreciate different cultures and promote tolerance and mutual respect. It is also considered a means of entertainment, relaxation, and achieving personal happiness.

Students participate in performing at various events, and they also participate in national competitions such as the Cultural Skills Competition.

Our students also acquire advanced artistic skills in art classes, and the Art Department annually organizes many exhibitions of different types of drawing in which all students from all educational levels participate


Student clubs:

By providing opportunities to form student clubs, we aim toDiscovery Students' talents are then worked on to hone them, and to develop their academic, social, and personal skills, in addition to filling their free time with organized group work.

-In clubs, students provide advice, support and training to other students.

It is considered a platform to express their talents and interests through various activities and events, such as the Robotics Club, Math Club, Chess, Photography, Reading, and other clubs.