Dream, Idea, Objective, Initiative, Serious Work, Vision and Aspirations

are words that express an approach I have taken in my  life, especially at Al-Anjal Private Schools.

For this entity and great edifice, a story of a long struggle. It began forty years ago, when I moved from Al-Khobar to live and settle in Al-Ahsa with my three young children. There were several motivations that enhanced my determination, perhaps the most important ones are: the great love for volunteering work, the self-desire to develop and improve, my advanced aspirations, and my love for Al-Ahsa and its people."

It started with the establishment of a fully voluntary kindergarten affiliated with Al Bar Association in Al Ahsa to be attended by my son Abdul Aziz Al Omran to start  the first stages of his educational life in front of my eyes and under my care.

Days passed quickly and Abdulaziz's sixth-year-old son went on to enroll in the first elementary school years. Here, I began my journey searching for a distinguished school that satisfies my ambition and achieves my message and the honesty that I have given to them as children who lost the care of my father. This was the spark of the idea of establishing Al-Anjal Private School, which already started as a private school in 1985/1986 AD in a rented building, with a number of students who did not exceed 54 students from kindergarten to the first grade.

Due to the steady increase in the number of students in the years that followed, it was time to think quickly of establishing a new building for Al-Anjal schools, which consists of two sections for boys and girls and that includes all educational stages from kindergarten to the third secondary grade until the dream was achieved in 1994/1995 AD. Al-Anlal schools moved to its new building with the necessary educational specifications as I wished. Years have passed quickly, and here we are celebrating the 40th anniversary of the unlimited giving that students received at all stages of their learning. Finally, all thanks and appreciation to each individual had an impact in our schools, especially my dear sisters and my niece, Mrs. Nawal, who supported me in achieving my goals and ambition, and changing them into a reality titled as “Al-Anjal private schools."



40years of achievements according to stable values like respect, justice, initiative, and effectiveness.

"It's truly a journey full of adventure, challenge and hard work

"The energy and source of this journey come with the help of God, and then our  strong belief that we can

Our belief in the capabilities of our working teams that work with love and belonging, students that make the most effort according to specific goals and priorities, parents who are interested and effective, a conscious society that appreciates community partnership and a supportive and motivating Department of education

We truly have all the potential of success, which makes us leap from a summit to another and from an excellence to another within a system of group work. We plan, work, evaluate, and then formulate a continuous improvement process, in accordance with accurate performance indicators for each goal to meet our desired aspirations until this year, we thankfully, achieved  the first place in the SAAT test results and the third place in the GAT test results at the level of the Kingdom

and the first place was in the International School for Gifted Education Award, as part of the Initiatives of the Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al-Maktoum Award, and many medals in various international, scientific, and cultural Olympics.

Achieving first positions in scientific research at the ACEF Science and Engineering Fair.

Achieving first positions at the governorate level every year in sports competitions, theater, and music."

"We also focus on preparing students for the best opportunities for university education inside and outside the Kingdom, enabling 21st-century skills in communication skills, language proficiency, digital skills, research and innovation, environmental and global awareness, leadership and responsibility skills, life skills, and continuous learning.

We provide professional guidance to students to help them make future decisions regarding their education while providing them with emotional and social support through workshops, interactive sessions, and social activities

"In a fast-changing world, we have a high sense of all the opportunities around us to seize it with enthusiasm, fearlessness, and reluctance. We adapt flexibly to new changes and challenges quickly to build new programs that provide more space for creativity and innovation."

Our student children are actively contributing to the Kingdom's ambitious Vision 2030

"Under our wise government and the patronage of its renaissance, King Salman bin Abdulaziz and his Crown Prince, His Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman, may God protect them and their patronage."