Training & development

It is considered one of the most important departments in schools. It has been established since the establishment of the school and has evolved according to the global change and improvement of education that cope with the goals of schools. Our schools believe that continuous training and development is a constant need for all school staff, and it is the main support for creating professional staff in the field of education. School staff annually receive more than 150 specialized and general training hours, which are concerned with technical and administrative training and qualifying educational staff, such as training on thinking skills, alternative assessment tools, designing enrichment curriculum, project reinvention, and planning for understanding. We also seek to cooperate with experts and distinguished training centers locally and globally to train and keep abreast of developments in the field of education. We also encourage leaders in our schools to attend global conferences to identify themselves with various sources and benefit directly from all experiences. We also care about measuring impact and improving by developing continuous improvement plans to ensure sustainability of excellence.