Our Curriculum

Our modern educational curriculum places great emphasis on the 21st-century skills, with a focus on developing language skills and preparing for the labor market with competitive abilities.These curricula are characterized by a drive towards project-based learning and effective interaction, where practical and collaborative learning is enhanced.These skills include critical thinking ability, problem solving, innovation, effective communication, teamwork, and leadership.Both public and international departments. - Developing the Arabic and English language among students is of great importance. This contributes to enhancing students' communication and understanding of different cultures, opening doors for multiple job opportunities, contributing to their personal growth and development, and enabling them to access scientific and cultural sources and resources in the Arab and international worlds. Therefore, we care about enhancing the skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing in a variety of innovative ways through advanced curricula and enriching programs such as debates, projects, theater, and others.We also adopt STEM education system to learn technical science, engineering, mathematics, and art.It aims to develop critical thinking, technical skills, promote cooperation and teamwork, stimulate creativity and innovation in problem-solving.It also contributes to developing communication and leadership skills, and prepare students to face future challenges in the labor market.STEM is a modern and comprehensive educational trend that serves multiple fields and helps students develop their abilities and empower them to excel in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. This copes with our preservation of our religious values and national identity, which go with the orientations of our precious country's vision. It supports and helps students raise their level of readiness for the future with confidence and excellence.