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Responsibility - Justice - Effectiveness - Respect - Initiative


Everyone learns in different ways Partnership: The school belongs to the community. Therefore, community participation is key to the school's success in performing its role.


The school acts as an integrated unit that brings together all its parts to achieve the desired objectives. Values and identity: No education without values, no values without behavior that translate these values into practices derived from our religious and national identity. Employee Excellence: All employees have the ability and responsibility to be active in their performance and we work together to develop them professionally. Goals and Expectations: Learning basic skills should be the first priority of the school, we have high expectations and we must work to achieve them.


APS has proudly been accredited by Cognia™, a nonprofit organization that provides quality assurance for schools and educational service providers. APS was internationally accredited as a school in 2010. Cognia, formerly known as AdvancED, recognizes schools that meet rigorous standards focused on productive learning environments, equitable resource allocation that meets the needs of learners, and effective leadership. Obtaining accreditation from Cognia's Global Accreditation Commission means that APS is internationally recognized as a school that meets Cognia's standards of quality and maintains a commitment to continuous improvement. APS has become part of Cognia's global network, which includes over 36,000 schools and systems in 85 countries committed to continuous improvement through accreditation